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About Stourvale Mummers

The team was formed in 1979 by members and friends of the Bourne River Morris Men.  The object of our performances is to raise funds for local needy children, as well as keeping alive a local colourful tradition.

We are very grateful for the support of the many landlords and landladies of the public houses and hotels that we visit, especially to members of the general public who have given so generously to our causes.  All that we collect is given to supporting local children, sometimes to support a specific individual and sometimes we donate to a local organisation or charity.  When we make donations, there are two simple principles that we apply: any donation must help needy children, and whatever the cause, it must be local to the team's area.

In general, we aim to spend the money for the benefit of local children, particularly where our few hundreds of pounds can make a big difference. We've given money both to individuals and to groups

Over the years we have collected over 37,000, which has been donated amongst others to causes such as those noted below:


  • We made a large contribution to a fund-raising campaign for a child with cystic fibrosis.  The campaign is to to enable purchase of a physio-vest which he will be able to use ar two years of age. This was a large donation of 3,300 which included our 2016 & 2017 collections.
  • We made a large contribution to a fund-raising campaign for a child with cerebral palsy.  The campaign, which did reach its target, was to fund an operation in the USA not available under the NHS.  The aim of the operation, which was successful,  was to enable the child to be able eventually to stand unaided.
  • We bought a special sensory and sleep alarm system for a severely epileptic young boy so that he could sleep in his own room, allowing his parents to get some sleep themselves.
  • We bought a special ladder and mirror to help a young child with cerebral palsy get himself in and out of his wheelchair.
  • A donation to the "Amelia Grace Rainbow Fund" which helps care for children with chronic, life-limiting and terminal illnesses.
  • A donation to the Lewis-Manning Hospice to help provide items for their children's area
  • We helped with a special car seat to allow a severely disabled little girl to be able to travel safely.
  • A donation to Poole Kidz in Care to help support their work with special needs children.
  • A computer for a 6 year old girl with Quadriplegic cerebral palsy to allow her to continue her school work at home
  • An iPad for a young boy who needed it to be able to use many of the special needs apps that are available
  • Donations towards purchase of sensory room equipment and an iPad for 2 autistic children
  • A donation to the local branch of Action For Children to help fund their SHINE project for foster childeren.
  • Montacute Special School got some Weighted Blankets, used to provide comfort and security for children with special needs.
  • A badly disabled little girl loves the freedom of movement she gets in her hot-tub in the garden. We contributed to a hoist to help her in and out of it.
  • A lad with learning disabilities and a great deal too much weight for his health, got a "Wii fit plus bundle" to help him with weight-loss.
  • A severely autistic young boy, got an Ipad to help him with his communication difficulties.
  • Josh got a new trailer trike. Josh is severely autistic but now, with his new trike, he can be hooked on behind his mum and get about much more.
  • "Coping with Chaos", an organisation for disabled children in the Dorset area, got a ball pool with balls.
  • We gave 500 to Mosaic, a charity providing support for bereaved children within Dorset.
  • We also helped two individual children, one with cerebral palsy, the other severely autistic, with the expense of special communications kit.
Going back further into the past
  • We made a major contribution towards buying a very special stand for a severely handicapped small boy to help him stand and sit.
  • We bought a special computer for a quadriplegic youngster.
  • A "Bubble Tube" for an autistic six-year old.
  • An "Alpha Smart" machine for another autistic lad.
  • We also paid for a group of "special needs" kids to take a trip to Holland.
  • In 2004 we donated 1,000 to the Phillip Green Memorial Hall in Cranborne
  • We bought a Karaoke machine for some 'Young Carers' (2003).
  • We bought a 'water play station' and a special car seat for two severely handicapped youngsters (2003).
  • We bought a handrail for a little lad with cerebral palsy, and a bike for a little girl with both learning and physical disabilities (2003).
  • We helped with a special car seat to allow a severely disabled little girl to be able to travel safely (2003).
  • We bought a special "SymmetriKit" chair for a seriously handicapped little girl in 2002.
  • Our main donation in 2001 was made to two severely disabled children for portable oxygen saturation monitors which allow them to leas a more active life.
  • In 2000 we gave 1000.00 to the Julia Perks Foundation.
  • In 1999 we handed over 800 to Parents of Children who Care and to Barrier Breakers, both affiliated to the Wel-care Charity. Both groups seek to help children who have a disability or have a caring role looking after parents or brothers or sisters with a disability.
  • We donated 1400 in 1998 to The Avon Valley Opportunity Group who care for autistic and special needs children.
  • Turlin Moor First School - "Golden Times" games
  • Hillbourne First School - "Learning Together" class
  • Roxanne Steel - computer
  • Fernheath Play Association
  • Linwood School - hoist for Special Care unit
  • Leukaemia Busters
  • Castle Hill House Association - mini-bus
  • Wimborne Youth Centre
  • Victoria School - raised garden project
  • Matthew Storey - computer
  • Langside School
  • Christchurch Hospital Toy Library

For further information contact Alf Woodall on 01202 825849

Page last updated: 27th February 2017

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